Fiona Cosgrove has 30 years experience in the health, fitness and wellness industries ranging from health club owner, university lecturer, keynote speaker, wellness coach trainer, counsellor, author and in 2011/2012 was National General Manager of The Golden Door group of Health Retreats.

She holds Masters Degrees in Exercise Science and in Counselling and is a certified and licensed Wellness Coach with Wellcoaches in the US.  Fiona is passionate about helping people and organisations be the best they can be by recognising that optimal mental, physical and emotional wellness are essential for growth of the individual in both their personal and professional lives. Fiona has written a book “Coach yourself to Wellness” and workbook that supports many of her programs.

Fiona has written a book “Coach yourself to Wellness” and workbook that supports many of her programs.
Creating happy, healthy working environments will result in employees who are engaged and enthusiastic about their work. This in turn leads to increased productivity, an improved corporate culture and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Fiona’s workshops and keynote speaking topics focus on achieving these outcomes.

Her book, Coach yourself to Wellness was written as a means of getting the message out to the general public that change is not easy, but it is possible, if it is approached in the right way.  An accompanyng workbook supports the simple but profound messages within her book.  An online program adds even greater depth to this self help tool

In 2006, Fiona founded Wellness Coaching  Australia, following her passion to create change in the way people supported others to achieve their best lives.  Moving from the expert approach to a coaching approach and focusing on wellness rather than simply fitness, Fiona’s enthusiasm and deep understanding of the way people think and behave, has inspired many.

Initially training health and fitness professionals in coaching skills and principles, Fiona’s focus expanded to included people and organisations who understood that a radical change was needed. With growing interest in coaching as a solution to ill health and a means of increasing vitality and life satisfaction, Fiona regularly speaks to audiences and shares her knowledge and experience.

Key Note Speaking

In a rapidly changing environment, the old ways of working are simply not adequate and the need to build a strong team of people and empower them to create success, both for themselves and the organisation is evident. Fiona excels in this area.  Her keynote presentations and workshops address the topical issues of leadership, relationship building, personal wellness and organisational health and focus on communication and self awareness as the tools to use.  

Fiona has spoken at national and international conferences, across a wide range of industries from Law, to IT to Recruitment, Government agencies and of course health and fitness .  She works as a personal coach to executives who want to break out of self defeating patterns and is happy to speak at many different gatherings or functions. She uses humour, lightness and has a fresh approach to change that both endears her to her audiences and inspires them to  be the best they can. 

Fiona's clients and recent engagments include:

  • CBA
  • National Australia Bank
  • NSW Department of Commerce
  • Mairie Claire/Clinique joint promotion
  • Ambition Group
  • NSW Public Trustee
  • CT Partners Radius
  • Hudson
  • Deutsche Bank
  • NRL