Invest in your team’s health and wellbeing to inspire and motivate.

All too often we hear the facts and statistics on how ill health contributes to the rising costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism and lowered productivity in the workplace. A great proportion of this can be linked directly to poor personal health and energy.

At Wellness Coaching Australia, we believe we can help turn these statistics around by working with your team using our unique wellness coaching model. By providing a structured coaching model that guides rather than prescribes a plan for important lifestyle changes, we can empower your people to unlock their full potential- both in their work and personal lives.

We offer a range of corporate wellness services ranging from seminars presented at your next team meeting, keynote presentations for conferences, through to one on one or group coaching for personal wellness.

As a pioneer of the Wellness Coaching movement in Australia and one of Australia’s leading authorities in this field, Fiona Cosgrove of Wellness Coaching Australia has been providing innovative and transformational training programs and wellness coaching services since 2006. A regular presenter at the Australian Health and Productivity Congresses, Fiona brings a fresh and innovative approach to team wellness.