How many of your team experience peak mental and physical health and are working at their optimum?

When health issues experienced in the workplace get in the way of full productivity at work, the company loses out. By ensuring your team are in top health, the business can lead the way in your industry, become an employer of choice and attract employees who value personal wellness and directly influence the bottom line.

By seeking the support of a Wellness Coach, your team can achieve greater outcomes with their health and wellbeing than they could on their own.

Your team and ultimately your organisation will benefit through:
  • Greater employee awareness of their choices and responsibilities
  • Learning the ability to manage and tackle obstacles to achieve their goals
  • Higher productivity and morale and a belief that the organisation “cares”.
  • Achievement of wellness outcomes will lead to a healthier and happier employee
Our individual Wellness Coaching sessions are delivered either in person or via phone where a variety of short or long term programs are available depending on your needs.

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“Wellness coaching gave me the opportunity to put aspects of my life under the spotlight and provided the tools to enable me to remain focused on achieving my goals." J. Anstein