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Wellness is now officially a trillion-dollar industry. More than ever, everyday people are seeking change in their habits so they can reduce pain, improve fitness, get better sleep, lose weight, lower stress or simply increase their life span. 

As a career, Health and Wellness Coaching is a game-changer. It offers more than just an exciting career opportunity for people who love helping others to improve their lives. It also offers you the opportunity to be a powerful role model for others and to help them to outgrow their unhealthy habits, organisational challenges or all-or-nothing thinking, so they can finally make sustainable lifestyle change. 

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Most people struggle with motivation, sticking to new habits, breaking old patterns and thinking holistically about their lives. Health and Wellness coaches have the important role of helping people to: 

  • get excited about the future and get motivated;
  • build self-confidence through simple, sustainable habits; 
  • overcome limiting beliefs or thinking patterns; and 
  • expand their focus to the structures, habits and behaviours of a fulfilling life. 

People are no longer looking for:

  • an expert that points the finger and says "Do as I say", 
  • an expert that makes them feel guilty for not sticking to their goals; or 
  • an expert that doesn't look at their lifestyle as a whole to help them in discovering alternative behaviour that will help in achieving their goal.

They are looking for a Health and Wellness Coach: a supportive mentor who empowers their clients to take responsibility for their health and cultivate positive lifestyle choices by guiding them through the discovery and implementation of sustainable lifestyle changes that will see them reach their wellness goals and make them stick for good.

If you are passionate about supporting individuals in healthy lifestyles and empowering them to achieve their health and wellness goals, then our Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching is ideal for you.

About the Course

This 12 month, part time study course is designed to fast track your learning, by providing a relevant blend of theoretical and practical coach training studies (including Coaching Psychology, Behaviour Change and Positive Psychology) together with health and lifestyle studies covering nutrition and weight management, physical activity and fitness, and holistic approaches to managing stress and increasing energy. 

The certificate also includes a comprehensive business training path combining practical skills, tools and resources to help you to set up, brand, promote and run your coaching business in a way that leverages off your coaching and interpersonal skills.

As coaching is a hands on, practical skill that you will be learning, these subjects include more than 40 hours of live training delivered by our team and include one on one mentoring and client case study feedback sessions so you feel confident that you are learning this skillset for success.  

This course provides you with the required certification to become a professional recognised Health and Wellness Coach and gain professional insurance to work as a Health and Wellness Coach in Australia and more than 25 countries worldwide.

The Professional Certificate is comprised of 8 individual subjects:

  • Advanced Core Coaching Competency (4 subjects) 
  • Healthy Lifestyle Practice (3 subjects)
  • Passion to Profit - Business Coaching Program (1 subject)*
Request a course guide online to learn more about the course in detail and the specific subject content. 

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Course Duration

This course delivered over 12 months, part-time study with structured and flexible learning over this period. 

You can choose to fast track through the subjects quicker than the standard 12 month timetable where a customised timetable will be created with you at your orientation call after enrolling. 

You have up to 2 years to complete all the subject requirements and assessment work in order to attain your final certification. 

Course Delivery

This is a blended learning course however is primarily distance learning with optional face to face workshop learning for some subjects. 

Each subject has different methods of delivery available. Some are pure online courses delivered via an online platform, others are course text books posted to your door, while others include Live webinar sessions with our trainers. For online /distance learning is what you are after, then you can choose to complete all subjects by this format. There is complete flexibility. 

Refer to the course guide for more details on the delivery formats available for each subject.

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Australian Government Funding - Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program

The Australian Government funded Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers program offers eligible persons aged 45-70 with funding contribution towards any workplace-related skills training (with a maximum rebate of $2000).

You may be eligible for Skills Checkpoint if you are:
• aged between 45 and 70;
• are not registered with an Australian Government Employment Services Provider;
• have been out of work less than 3 months or are currently working and need to re-skill for their role.

Note: please allow 4-6 weeks for the grant application process. If you are seeking grant funding, you will not be able to commence studies until your application has been finalised so please allow this time in your planning when choosing an enrolment date.

Click here to view Skills Checkpoint Here and Check Your Eligibility

Professional Recognition and Insurance

Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association

As an approved training course, The Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching will enable you to apply for Full Membership level status of our industry association: Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association. This is the leading industry association in our region for our practice that supports Health & Wellness Coaches, Primary Care Physicians and Allied Health professionals to connect, communicate and aspire to deliver on our collective vision of Co-Creating Universal Health and Wellness. They are a respected industry voice for an appropriate standard in Health & Wellness Coaching nationally and internationally.

Your membership will provide Professional Recognition of your qualification and also a marketing platform for you as a coach in their website. To find out more about the industry association and the benefits of being a member, visit their website 

International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)

Wellness Coaching Australia is an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), where once you have received your full certification you can submit your application to gain membership and professional recognition as a Health and Wellness Coach. IICT is an independent membership body for the complementary therapy industry whose course endorsement will allow you to apply for professional insurance under the service category of Wellness Coaching.

Pathway to National Board Certification with NBHWC 

The Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching is an approved training program with the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) giving students the eligibility to apply and sit the National Board Certification exam and become a “Board Certified” Health and Wellness Coach - the highest qualification internationally for the Health and Wellness Coaching field. 

If this international certification pathway is of interest after completing our course, please contact us for more information or read the full details in our course guide including the required live training hours to undertake during your studies in order to receive the NBHWC badge issued certificate. There are other pre-requisites you may need to hold before submitting your application for the Board Certification exam (fees apply). One main pre-requisite in additional to completing an approved training course is completion of a certain number of work experience hours (not specific to coaching) and a 50 hour client coaching log to be submitted. For more information visit the NBHWC website contact our office.

Industry Accredited - Continuing Education / Professional Development

Individual subjects within our certificate course are accredited as continuing education for professional development with some of the leading health, fitness and wellness bodies in Australia and overseas. Refer to the course guide for more details on accrediting bodies and points applicable for each subject:

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Fitness Australia
  • Physical Activity Australia
  • Exercise and Sports Science Australia - ESSA
  • Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association - APNA
  • Australian Natural Therapists Association - ANTA
  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society - ATMS
  • Massage & Myotherapy Australia - MMA
  • REPS (NZ)
  • REPS UK - delivered through our partnership with TRAIN Fitness



Subject Exemption - Recognition of Prior Learning

You may be eligible for subject exemption if you have completed individual Wellness Coaching Australia training courses, since February 2017, that are subjects within this program. Approval is granted on its individual merit and an application process must be undertaken prior to RPL being granted. Contact us us for more information. 

Already have Business Experience?

If you have run your own small business and feel you have the business acumen already to setup your new coaching business with ease then you can choose to enrol in the Certificate course and exclude the Business Study Path. This will decrease your course fees overall and also reduce your study hours by approximately 2 months. For more information on whether you are eligible, please contact our student enquiries team on at 

Monthly Course Intake Dates

Intakes are available every month where study timetables will differ if you enrol in the first 2 weeks of the month compared to the last 2 weeks of the month. Please contact us to request a copy of the study timetable for the time frame you are looking to enrol at 

All intakes offer 100% online learning study timetables where you can enrol any day in the month and commence straight away. If face to face learning is important to you, we offer the Level 1 and Level 2 coaching subjects as full day workshops across major capital cities throughout the year. 

Please contact us at to request the study timetable for the month you wish to commence and advise if face to face learning is important to you.