When we undertake study in a new field, it often raises as many questions as it does answers for us.

You may be seeking some extra support as you work through or courses, want some personal advice around career moves or you may need a helping hand in integrating Wellness Coaching into your business or even start a fresh! 

Mentoring is designed for people who:
  • Need support working through courses 
  • Need help preparing for coaching assessments
  • Want assistance with career transition
  • Are stuck with how to integrate coaching into your business
  • Need help starting a coaching business

Our team of Coach Mentors are here to help. Many of them have been through the same journey you and have gone on to establish coaching programs and businesses. They are here to help with personalised mentoring surrounding any areas of the coach training or business development process you may be encountering. 

We offer personalised mentoring based on your needs where each session can be tailored towards your current needs such as:

  • gain confidence in coaching skills and a better understanding of wellness coaching concepts,
  • create a new and successful coaching business 
  • get help around career transition and/or life direction. 

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Coach Mentoring Fees

  • $120 for a 1 hour session
  • $300 for a 3 pack of pre-paid 1 hour sessions