If you are a health or wellness professional and looking to complete the required training to be qualified and professionally recognised as a Health and Wellness Coach, then the Health and Wellness Coaching Certification for Allied Health Professionals may be ideal for you. 

This 3 level training certification will enable you to expand your current health qualification by adding the Health and Wellness Coaching skillset to your current work or pivot your occupation into this new practice. 

Undertaken in a progressive learning format, with varied options on how you would like to complete each level of training (face to face workshop or online), this certification will allow you to develop and harness your coaching skills in the areas you desire to vastly improve client outcomes and the success of your business. 

Who is this ideal for?

This certification is ideal if you are currently working in an allied health capacity and you have a prior health qualification (advanced diploma or higher) and you wish to expand into the Health and Wellness Coaching field. Some of the allied health qualified professional eligible for this certification: 

  • Nurses, 
  • Doctors,
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Nutritionists and Dieticians,
  • Naturopaths or holistic health practitioners
  • Physiotherapist
  • Osteopaths and Chiropractors, and
  • fitness professionals (hold advanced diploma or higher).

The 3-Level Coach Training Pathway

This certification covers our core coaching competency training that is the foundation for all of our qualification courses. You will undertake these 3 levels of training in a progressive format starting with Level 1 and building upon your theoretical learning and practical skillset as you work through the levels. 

Professional Recognition - Health Coaches Association - Australia and New Zealand

Completion of the Health and Wellness Coaching Certification for Allied Health Professionals (coach training levels 1, 2 and 3), coupled with an advanced Diploma/Bachelor degree or higher in a health related area, will enable you to gain your Professional Recognition with the Health Coaches Association - Australia and New Zealand (HCANZA) and apply for full membership status through their equivalency application pathway.

Health Coaches Association - Australia New Zealand is the leading industry association for our practice that supports Health & Wellness Coaches, Primary Care Physicians and Allied Health professionals to connect, communicate and aspire to deliver on our collective vision of Co-Creating Universal Health and Wellness. They are a respected industry voice for an appropriate standard in Health & Wellness Coaching nationally and internationally.

Your membership will provide Professional Recognition of your certification and also a marketing platform for you as a coach in their website. To find out more about the industry association and the benefits of being a member, visit their website www.hcanza.org/membership-benefits

Pathway to International Certification

Completion of this certification program can provide a pathway into the Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching which is an approved training program with the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC). Completion of this qualification provides students the eligibility to apply and sit the National Board Certification exam and become a “Board Certified” Health and Wellness Coach - the highest qualification internationally for the Health and Wellness Coaching field.

This international certification level is NOT administered by Wellness Coaching Australia, rather the completion of this course (which is NBHWC approved) allows you to meet the required training criteria to apply for the exam.

To find out more about this international certification pathway, and gauge whether therefore enrolling in our Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching course is right for you, visit the NBHWC website https://nbhwc.org/become-a-board-certified-coach/