If you are a health, fitness or wellness professional and looking to enhance your skills in the area of mindset coaching and behaviour change then undertaking our progressive coach training path may be ideal for you. 

This 3 level training pathway will enable you to add the Coaching skillset to your existing qualification and current work to help connect with your clients and in turn:

  • increase engagement
  • improve compliance and adherence to jointly set goals and 
  • ultimately help you sell higher value health and wellness programs rather than just individual "sessions"

Undertaking our coach training courses in a progressive learning format allows you to undertake the courses in the time and space that is right for you, where over time you can develop and harness your coaching skills in the areas you desire to vastly improve client outcomes and the success of your business. You start with Level 1 and then move through to the higher levels 

Who is this ideal for?

This progressive learning pathway is perfect for you if you are currently working (or wish to work) with people around any area of health or wellness behavior change including:

  • Personal Trainer or Fitness instructor
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Naturopath or holistic health practitioner
  • Doctor, 
  • Nurse
  • Physiotherapist and other Allied health professionals
  • Corporate well-being officers and Workplace Health and Safety Officers

The Progressive Learning Pathway

Depending on what your desired learning outcomes or career moves are, you can complete up to the level of training best suited for you. Below is a visual diagram of our training levels and what you can do on completion of each level.

Professional Recognition - Health Coaches Association - Australia and New Zealand

Completion of the levels 1,2 and 3 coach training programs with Wellness Coaching Australia, coupled with an advanced Diploma/Bachelor degree or higher in a health related area, will enable you to gain your Professional Recognition with the Health Coaches Association - Australia and New Zealand (HCANZA) and apply for full membership status through their equivalency application pathway.

Health Coaches Association - Australia New Zealand is the leading industry association for our practice that supports Health & Wellness Coaches, Primary Care Physicians and Allied Health professionals to connect, communicate and aspire to deliver on our collective vision of Co-Creating Universal Health and Wellness. They are a respected industry voice for an appropriate standard in Health & Wellness Coaching nationally and internationally.

Your membership will provide Professional Recognition of your certification and also a marketing platform for you as a coach in their website. To find out more about the industry association and the benefits of being a member, visit their website www.hcanza.org/membership-benefits

Understanding which level of coach training is right for you

"I want to learn the skills of coaching to add to my existing health/fitness/wellness practice and provide better engagement and outcomes with my existing clients. I don't plan on working (or marketing myself) as a Health and Wellness Coach but rather utilise these skills in my current work and also earn hours/points towards my required continuing education "

Completion of Level 1 Foundations of Wellness Coaching and Level 2 Wellness Coaching Skills in Practice will provide you with the foundation level theoretical and practical skills to start applying coaching skills within your existing health/fitness/wellness practice. 

As a health, fitness and wellness professional, you can gain your professional registration and insurance to practice as a Wellness Coach within your current health setting after completing our minimum Level 1 and Level 2. Click here for more details on gaining your formal registration and insurance having becoming Level 2 certified. 

"I want to become a professionally recognised Health and Wellness Coach offering coaching services, programs and products alongside my current health/fitness/wellness practice and potentially expand into this field on its own." 

Those looking to embark on professional certification in our unique industry, and be recognised by our industry association, completion of all three levels of Wellness Coaching Australia's coaching programs is ideal pathway for you. This is our core 14 week coaching course where you expand on the foundation level learnings from Level 1 and 2 (which are prerequisites for Level 3) providing a more intensive and practical approach to coaching. You will plunge into intensive theory and application of coaching relationship skills, positive psychology (including exercises for your clients), other coaching models and the latest research into habit formation. You will learn different ways of integrating coaching into an existing business including the skills and framework required to run a group coaching program. 

click here to start your health and wellness coach training journey with level 1